Monday, September 6, 2010

The Letter Tag-Part 1

I found this amazing tag here according to which I can write letters to vent out my emotions.So here goes the  tag.

Dear Parents,

I do not have words to express my gratitude to God for having bestowed me with such wonderful parents like you. You've fulfilled each and every wish of ours much before we asked you for anything. The strong values that you've imbibed in me, make me the person I am today.

Dad, I owe  my audacity to speak up against wrong , to you. I have grown up seeing you fighting against wrong at every step -always doing what is morally right and I feel so proud of you , even if I don't show it often. Whenever someone asks 'So you don't have any son? just two daughters?' and you  proudly say that 'These are my sons' makes me feel so proud and instills in me a sense of confidence and inspires me to do even better.

Mom, I owe my belief in the righteous path and in God to you. You've always taught me that one reaps what he sows and that even if someone is not good to us, we should not behave with them in the same way because God will punish them Himself. I never used to believe in it earlier but now I do. I really admire you for your strength of will wondering about how you completed your doctorate degree after I was born. But I just don't like it when you say that you want me to settle down fast and at that time, I have to look upto dad for support. I want to experience life on my own-getting stuck with a partner is just not my aim.You may be right from your perspective which I'll probably understand years later, but for now, I won't succumb to any kind of emotional blackmail.

I can never repay what all you have done for us. But I just hope that I can live upto your expectations so in the next life too, you'd ask God to send me as your daughter because I sure want you as parents every time :)

Love you both

Dear Best Friend,

I have always wanted to tell you that I feel really lucky to have you as friend. I like it when you remember each and every little thing about me. You're the first one to wish me on my b'day every year since the time we've known each other.I like how you share each and every secret of yours with me that aren't known even to your special friend and  when you say that she has to understand  my importance in your life. I like it when you try to advice me, telling me to be strong  and practical, even though you yourself are so soft-hearted . I  feel so good when I ask you for a favor and you do much more than what I asked you for.I have never felt  so much comfortable with anyone as I am with you because you have always accepted me as I am- with my strengths and weaknesses-you've seen the worst side of me as well.
The most amazing thing about our friendship is whenever I am sad, you are always the first one to realize it and to call me up .I don't know how you do this( if it's some telepathy or something) . You truly are one of my strengths. Even though you are hundreds of miles away from me, still you've never forgotten me. I  know I haven't been answering your calls properly for quite some time but that's just because I don't want you to be worried about me. When I look back, I wonder how we  used to have  difference of opinion on each and everything ,and we used to fight so much but still it's been 4 years of rock-solid friendship and I hope it'll keep on strengthening in the years to come. 

All the very best
your best friend

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